Our story...

Villa Peru Restaurant has been family-owned and operated by Walter Salazar & Frida Gonzales in Tucson, AZ since August 2017. Our restaurant is located in the Jocelyn Plaza at River and Campbell Road, specifically 1745 E River Rd Suite 165 Tucson, AZ 85718. This location places Villa Peru Restaurant at the heart of a bustling food district with a variety of different choices in cuisine. We specialize in taking the customer on a vicarious adventure to Peru through our authentic Peruvian Cuisine, and finely detailed ambience.

We offer two different menus that are especially suited for her customer base. Villa Peru’s lunch menu is simple and affordable for the business professional looking for quality, healthy, and great-tasting food served without delay.  Villa Peru’s dinner menu features a transformation that opens the options of fine Peruvian Cuisine to include a greater selection of Peru’s best exotic dishes that will entice the customer to keep coming back until they have tried them all. The expanded dinner menu takes the guest on an adventure to the exotic destination of Peru vicariously through the unique and authentic Peruvian cuisine prepared by Walter Salazar. Villa Peru is a unique ethnic destination restaurant that focuses on taking the guests on a vicarious adventure that will keep them coming back for more.

Villa Peru contains a full-service bar that focuses on offering a rare and unique variety of Pisco themed drinks that are native to the country of Peru. Pisco is a white-grape brandy that is produced in wine-making regions within Peru and Chile. Originally developed by 16th century Spanish settlers, it is made by distilling fermented grape juice into a high-proofed spirit. Pisco Sour is one of the most popular cocktails originating in Lima, Peru. Pisco can be combined in many different great-tasting variations that blend and compliment Peruvian cuisine excellently.

Villa Peru’s contemporary American service culture focuses on a relationship with her guests by creating a culture of hospitality and service that puts the guest first. This quality service is led by Frida Hunt and Magda Salazar, who are the daughters of Walter Salazar & Frida Gonzales, and co-owners of Villa Peru.


Meet the Owners

There are six owners of Villa Peru all within the same family. The Patriarch and Chef is Walter Salazar who is married to Frida Gonzales. Walter is the main chef and Frida Gonzales assists Walter as sous-chef in the back of the house.

Frida Hunt is Walter’s daughter and married to Charles Hunt a graduate of The Citadel The Military College of South Carolina and a veteran of Afghanistan. Frida Hunt has worked in the fine dining industry in a variety of positions and brings over ten years of experience to Villa Peru. Charles and Frida have two sons Joshua and Noah.

Magda Salazar is also Walter’s daughter and married to Riad Hardan. Magda Salazar graduated Pima Medical Institute in Medical Assistant Administration. Magda Salazar has also worked with Walter at Villa Peru in Phoenix for the last few years. Riad Hardan arrived in the US from Iraq in 2008 and is co-owner of Dependable Auto Sales in Tucson, AZ. Magda and Road have a son, Adrian.

The Salazar family (Walter, Frida, Frida, & Magda) are natives of Peru and arrived in the United States during the year of 2001. They came to this country in pursuit of the American dream. They started working together as a family in a variety of jobs with a blue-collar work ethic that allowed them to rise up as a family to being able to own a restaurant in one of the most sought after locations in the city of Tucson. Walter Salazar & Frida Gonzales owned and operated Villa Peru in Tempe, AZ for the last 6 years. Walter & Frida took the opportunity to move Villa Peru to Tucson to provide their unique skill of preparing authentic Peruvian cuisine to serve the great residents of the city of Tucson and be near their family who reside in Tucson.