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Villa Peru brings to market authentic Peruvian cuisine using high quality, organic ingredients uniquely prepared in combination within a contemporary American service culture and modern design aesthetic that will transport you to the Peruvian Amazon Jungle and the mountain top of Machu Picchu. 


Some of Our Favorites —


Papa a la Huancaina

Sliced potatoes topped with aji amarillo-fetta cheese sauce, botija olive and boiled egg $8.49


Aji de Gallina

Peruvian classic shredded chicken, with creamy aji amarillo sauce $14.99



Traditional Peruvian skewer dishes prepared on the anticucho grill from the streets of Peru. Choose from Corazon, Carne, or Pollo. $10.99


Arroz con Mariscos

Seafood rice, aji panca pepper, aji amarillo pepper, white wine, shrimp, calamari, octopus, mussels, salsa criolla $24.99



Cured home made ham, peruvian dry rub, crispy lettuce, salsa criolla, aji amarillo aioli, toasted ciabatta bread $9.99


Ceviche Mixto

Seasonal fish, octopus, shrimp, calamari, mussels, clams, aji rocoto pepper, red onions, choclo, sweet potato, classic leche de tigre $19.49



Jalea de Mariscos

Fried fish, shrimp, squid, calamari and mussels, salsa criolla, choclo, yucca, tartar sauce $24.99


Corderito Norteno

Braised Lamb Shanks, aji panca & red wine reduction, creamy quinoa, cipollini onion escabeche, organic baby carrot $28.99


Lomo Saltado Tequeno

Lomo saltado chopped, stuffed inside a crispy wonton skin, avocado and huancaina sauce $9.99


Churrasco a lo Pobre

Grilled ribeye, chimichurre, beans and rice tacu-tacu, quail eggs, fried bananas $28.99



Traditional warm pumpkin and sweet potato fritters, spiced chancaca syrup $7.99


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